Leap Of Faith debuts at #6 on NAR radio charts First I have to say Hat’s off to the dynamic duo of Tingstad & Rumbel for producing another masterpiece. Their latest project, Leap Of Faith is a masterful mix of Covers and Original songs performed with great balance in tempo and style. It’s one of the most entertaining and refreshing gems to come along in a long while. Moving from their usual introspective style to one with a little more bounce especially on The Title-Track, Zacatecas, Sweet Potato, Happy Trails, and San Antonio Rose. On Leap Of Faith they show a definite versatility and a whole new dimension to their signature sound. Nancy Rumbel’s English horn on Georgia On My Mind and especially Summertime captures the feel of both songs perfectly. On Summertime Rumbel really hits the mark giving the audience a real feel of what Gershwin was trying to get across in his Classic Piece. Eric Tingstad’s guitar speaks volumes throughout the album but especially on Spring Maiden, Chinese Lullaby and Medicine Trail (which I understand was his inspiration for his Grammy nominated album, Southwest). Finally Congratulations on this new project. As always it is Pleasing to the ear and Soothing to the soul. May you never stop doing what you do best.” - Dave Butler

— InnerVisions Syndicated Radio Show.

Seattle's Tingstad and Rumbel Bring Home the Gold Contemporary instrumentalists, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel won the GRAMMY Award in the New Age category in recognition of "Acoustic Garden" during the 45th GRAMMY Awards in Madison Square Garden. This GRAMMY signifies and rewards an eighteen-year career and 13 collaborative recordings for Tingstad and Rumbel. Released in August, Acoustic Garden remained on the Billboard charts as well as the NAV radio charts for 18 weeks. In January, the album bounced from the #50 slot up to #19 on radio charts. The Chicago Tribune calls Acoustic Garden "a new kind of roots music.”

— February 2003

If there are such things as musical constants in the universe, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel must appear on any such list. Few, if any, artists consistently, through the years, have delivered such a consistent flow of quality music. The duo who hails from the Pacific Northwest are possessed of unassailable integrity and immense talent." Acoustic instrumental music simply doesn't get any better - period.” - Bill Binkelman